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Control Panel and Hybrid-Integrated Control Panel - Design and Manufacture Information Page

Sytem Design
System Design Services

We undertake all types of control panel design work for any ventilation application. Our quotes are competitive, whilst our design emphasis is always focused on specification to ensure safe, reliable, trouble-free operation and long life.

Our preferred design process offers several opportunities to integrate your control requirements into one, cost-effective, unified control panel, simplifying control in general and makes system administration and operation much easier than multi-module systems. This provides a great deal of design flexibility and expands the options available for multiple requirements.


Control Panel Commission
Control Panel Manufacturing

We have several engineering and manufacturing technologies in-house, enabling a quick turnaround from conception of a project through to manifestation. This helps us to keep lead-times to an absolute minimum for our clients. Prototype PCB manufacture and electronic assembly, fabrication, CNC machining, welding and laser cutting/engraving are all on-tap. What we cannot do in-house we sub-contract out to our dedicated, local support businesses, together with which we have built dependable and trust-worthy relationships.

Whilst work at Mechelectric Services is often focused on designing and building our own control panel systems as part of a larger installation, we are receiving more requests to both design and build control systems for other 3rd party projects and installations. We have become more focused on this need due to increased demand and are happy to provide support prior to design and throughout the installation process for 3rd party commissions.

Control Panel Repair
Control Panel Upgrades and Repair Services

At times, upgrading or repairing a control panel or system may be a more affordable and suitable option for our client's needs. We aim to provide unbiased, genuine advice and will only recommend an upgrade or repair to an existing system if this is a safe and more cost-effective solution. We consider future proofing and long-term reliability when deciding upon which course of action is better for our client's requirements.

Retrofit Circuitry Tray

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