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Fume Cupboard
Fume Cupboards, Hoods and Canopies

We specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of various type of fume cupboards. Various options and addons are available for consideration during the design phase. Alternatively, where possible, we supply and commission standard units for a cost-effective approach.

We have a wealth of experience designing and installing fume hood units incorporating reliable, high-quality fabrication resources to ensure accuracy and quality.

As with our fume cupboards and hoods, canopies are often required and we undertake all types of canopy-related bespoke design work.

Industrial and Laboratory fume cupboards are installed and commissioned and/or conformance tested in accordance with BS EN14175

Multi-soldering station extraction
Dust Extraction, Fume Management and General Space Ventilation

Dust and fume management can be a straighforward direct extraction of dust and/or fumes generated at source. Occasionally, less conventional systems are required such as those required for multi-point workstations extraction, generator station exhausts routing, industrial raw material cutting/processing systems and similar installations. Mechelectric Services has several year's experience building solutions for the non-standard and more challenging dust and fume management requirements.

We advise our clients and help them to choose cost-effective filtration equipment and additional post-processing methods where this is a requirement.

Filtered Fans
Conformance Testing of Fume Cupboards and LEV Systems
Conformance Testing, Certification for Fume Cupboards and Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems (LEV's)

We provide certification for most types of fume cupboard installations in addition to performance testing and certification of local exhaust ventilation systems. All of our conformance testing is performed using precision instrumentation which is calibrated to national, traceable standards.

Test Graphing Results

LEV system conformance is tested in accordance with HSE COSHH Regulation 9

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